Elite Overseas HR Solutions LLP requests all clients to refer to & understand the Privacy Policy & Refund Policy sections before they proceed with any transaction.

Privacy Policy

Thank you for joining Elite Overseas HR Solutions LLP in any capacity. We respect everyone’s privacy and want to inform you that we never misuse/ reshare/ sell the personal data of any of our clients.

Refund Policy

Elite Overseas HR Solutions LLP, operating under the trade name AbroadOpportunity.Com, offers a robust refund policy. This ensures that clients have peace of mind when engaging with their services. The clear guidelines and transparent processes make it easier for customers to navigate any potential issues with their transactions.

  • Elite Overseas Study Abroad refund policy: File charges and VFS Visa fees are non-refundable if a visa is rejected. GIC-funded accounts and tuition fees are 100% refundable for all countries. Based on the university timeline, GIC funds and tuition fees are processed by the bank and university and credited directly into the student’s account. Any fees paid during the admission process are non-refundable if the student withdraws.
  • Elite Overseas Work Permit Refund Policy: Service charges for European Countries, Canada, New Zealand, and the UK are payable in 3 instalments. If the work visa is rejected, 30% of the 1st instalment and a full refund of the 2nd instalment are refundable. If the candidate withdraws for any reason during the process, fees are non-refundable. VFS visa fees are also non-refundable in case of rejection. Refunds are processed within 30 days and transferred via NEFT or RTGS to the candidate’s bank account. No cash refunds are provided.

In addition to the refund policy, the Elite Overseas Work Permit ensures transparency and efficiency in the application process. Our team of experienced Professionals guides candidates through each step, providing support and updates to ensure a smooth and successful work permit application. With a focus on customer satisfaction, we strive to make the entire process hassle-free and reliable for all our clients.